The Video Cassette Label #TBT

cassette labelOn my night stand, there’s a stack of old sci-fi books I borrowed from a well-read friend. I had just opened Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (1980) by Frederik Pohl. Tucked in the pages was this makeshift bookmark. I turned to my wife excitedly and showed her my discovery.

We then took a trip down memory lane reminiscing about recording with VHS tapes, the limitations of recording for 2 hours, swapping out tapes to record longer movies (and inevitably losing an important scene), the tragedy of learning a program was taped over (and then needing to wait a year for the reruns), the joy of acquiring a second VHS recorder so you could now record 2 programs at once (winning!), and the now necessary task of throwing out our VHS tape collection (someday).

The video cassette label is a simple reminder of how much consumer lifestyles can be impacted by new technologies.


@MikeVidikan, Future in Focus


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