Future Restaurant Concepts

I love food and I love technology so these are some fun restaurant concepts I thought up:

Virtual Restaurant 1 – You heat up a frozen meal at home, pop on your VR set, and voila! Instead of seeing a soggy meatloaf, you’re sitting at the Ritz, wearing a tuxedo, surrounded by beautiful people, eating your soggy meatloaf (except your brain thinks its a delicious looking meatloaf!).

Virtual Restaurant 2 – Every surface is a video screen. One day the place looks like you’re in a balloon floating up to space, the next day you’re in a submarine. A scent machine can add nuance and depth to the experience. No two meals would feel quite the same.

Rx-staurant – You’ve been tracking your health for months by monitoring your activity and diet. Now you want to go further. You start using a health diagnostic kit to learn more about your health on a cellular level. Link up your data to Rx-staurant so they can customize a menu for your exact needs. The meal will provide the ideal number of calories and proper nutrition to counter any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have at the moment. Plus, they’ll tailor the meal depending on whether you need to relax, focus, or train for a marathon.

Mr. Roboto – Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto for doing the jobs that nobody wants to. Fully autonomous kitchens and restaurants. Its partly for convenience, partly for show. Everything is customized to order and you see the progress as robot cooks whip up your meal. No human error (except yours). No strange hairs in your food. And the latest sensors will detect any impurities or harmful bacteria before anything can spread. Perhaps the mall food court will become a series of robotic food factories.

Table to Farm – A service that brings you to the farm where they prepare food that has been picked within minutes of cooking. Eat until your heart is content. Then spread out and watch a movie in a self-driving van that will take you back home.

Urban Farm to Table – Look for mostly autonomous robotic farms to be built in densely populated cities. Restaurants will have access to these hyper local foods.

Drones to Go – Hungry? Stuck in traffic? Order food on your mobile app and the delivery drone will track you down and drop the meal in your hands no matter where you are. That 500 car autonomous vehicle pile up is gonna take a while to clean up. But at least you’re not hungry anymore.

If you like any of them or have other ideas, let me know.


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