Random Business Ideas

Tinder for Food – Tired of searching endless menus for something to eat? I bet a lot of people are too. Here’s an app idea: Have the user select their favorite foods, cuisines, stuff they don’t like, etc. – then show them a single image with a description from local places. Swipe right to order it. If they reject it, ask why to collect data for better suggestions.

Zillow meets Waze – Imagine getting real-time tracking of pedestrian foot traffic to see which areas are getting more popular. Place some cameras on street corners to count pedestrians. The data can be anonymized so there won’t be privacy issues. Commercial real-estate companies can get a better sense the market and businesses can identify ideal locations for new locations.

Virtual Reality Snacks – Snacking in virtual reality might require snacks in a different format since players definitely won’t be seeing what their eating. The snacks should be easy to eat and grab a hold of.


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